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Benefits Of Private Driving Instructors

When you decide to take your driving test in Singapore, you eventually need to take practical driving lessons, and so getting it from a private driving instructor in Singapore is your best option compared to taking it from schools such as the Ubi Comfort Delgro Driving Center and here are some of the best benefits and reasons why you should go with private driving instructors.

1. The driving lessons are customized to your learning pace. this means that you only learn at a pace which is suitable for you when you are taught by a private driving instructor. This is because some students learn slower and need more lessons while others learn much faster and will do better by saving more time and money by taking fewer lessons. (Do note that most students think they’re better than they really are. This means that there are many students who over estimate their learning ability and keep rushing the private driving instructor to help them book for the exam. Do not make this mistake as all private driving instructors in Singapore have over 20 years of experience and they would know very well as to how to teach you properly and with their vast experience, they would know whether you are ready to pass the examinations. Granted, some instructors keep helping you book the examination but you can fail – so better don’t you dare blame it on the instructors if you keep rushing them (of course, the caveat is that you need to look for a good private driving instructor)).

2. The lessons are generally much cheaper than the rates that schools charges. This is because there is no nonsensical administrative work which is so often associated with the driving schools in Singapore. Private driving instructors work hard for themselves, so they have to teach you well and there is no need for excessive charging in terms of lesson fees.

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  1. Jessicalui

    Yes, I agree getting a private driving instructor is much better! I was a learner driver from the school but taking lessons from different instructors is a huge pain. I’m glad to fix my instructor now via private driving.


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