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Hi everyone, welcome to FSG Private Driving Instructors Singapore.

Having been through private driving lessons in Singapore, and being a Singapore driving instructor myself, I share with you many tips on FSG. It is an amazing feeling when I first passed my BTT, FTT then practical driving test in Singapore.

With this blog, I hope to share more tips with students on how to pass their Singapore driving test with ease. It need not be difficult if you receive the right tipsĀ and take driving lessons from a competent instructor in Singapore.

If you like the posts that I share with you on this blog, then kindly always leave me comments below my posts and I will seek to share more and more things with you (my potential students).

With that said, here is how you can contact me in Singapore:

My name is: Mr Ong.

My years of experience being a driving instructor in Singapore: 23 years

Number of students with me who has passed on the first try: 987 students

Contact me via email at: Ongfsg@gmail.com

Contact me via landline at: +65 6758 9302

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