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Driving Test And Instructors Tips In Singapore

Do not be afraid to switch driving instructor

“Finding a good mentor is half the battle won”.

If you have a good mentor, a good instructor, then your quality of learning will be highly increased. Not only will you learn more useful and quality skills and knowledge, you will learn them faster compared to someone who doesn’t have a mentor / instructor to guide him. This insight applies to every industry. Having a good mentor will guide you to success faster.

Applying this to driving, if you have a good driving instructor, you will pick up the correct driving techniques way quicker than people that don’t. This is logical. A good driving instructor Singapore will try to teach you as much and as fast as he can, with the main aim of getting you your driving license in Singapore fast. He will want you to pass your driving test fast. Unfortunately, there are not many good driving instructor Singapore. Many driving instructors just want to drag the driving lessons as many times as possible and hence, tries to impart the driving knowledge to learner drivers slowly. The slower the learner driver learns, the more driving lessons he got to take up.

You can actually notice if the driving instructor is good or not during the first few driving lessons with him. Apart from your gut feeling / intuition, you will notice that he can be dodgy at times towards your questions, trying not to answer them directly to clarify your doubts. Those questions may be important for you to understand driving more in depth. For instance, questions like “how much to turn normally for U-turns and 90 degree turns?”

Do not waste your money on taking up additional driving lessons with bad driving instructors as their attitudes are unlikely to change. Go straight to look for other school driving instructors or private driving instructors and hope that they are better.

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