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Helping learner drivers pass their driving test in Singapore

Hi everyone, I have set up this blog to educate the learner drivers on driving to help them pass their driving test in Singapore. I have been in the learner driver stage in the past, and it was a long and tedious process for me. I failed my driving test in Singapore on my first attempt despite going for 20 lessons with a private driving instructor in Singapore. You can imagine how dejected I felt then.

I thought I could have pass my driving test in Singapore on my first try. Moreover, I was taking the automatic transmission driving test, not the more difficult manual transmission driving test. It came as a huge blow to me failing that automatic transmission driving test in Singapore on my first try. Most of my friends around me passed their manual transmission driving test on their first try. Hence, I felt inferior and extremely disappointed in a sense.

I went on to rebook my driving test which was scheduled to be 2 months away. During that period, I got my driving lessons with another private driving instructors who taught me a lot of things I didn’t learn and notice before. I took just 6 driving lessons with him and felt that I learnt much more than my 20 driving lessons with the previous private driving instructor. This is how big a difference the quality of the private driving instructors make.

I painfully learnt the important lesson of learning from the right instructor / mentor from the start. It is crucial so as to prevent any time and cost wastage. Actually, learning to drive is a very easy thing. It’s a skill you can never forget just like how you know how to ride a bicycle. You will never forget the techniques again. Perhaps you will need to polish up on your driving skills to make your driving smoother, but the basics will always be in your minds.

I will give the learner drivers some useful driving tips in my next few posts so you can increase your driving knowledge and hopefully it will help you pass your Singapore driving test!

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