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How many driving lessons should you expect to take

This is a pretty common question that most of the learner drivers ask – “How many driving lessons at Bukit Batok should I expect to take before attempting the driving test in Singapore?”

Even though Bukit Batok’s rate of passing is much higher due to lesser traffic conditions, my answer is simple and straight forward – you should go with your own gut feel and learning experience to determine if you are ready for the driving test in Singapore. Do not benchmark this to the Singapore average.

The Singapore average for driving lessons before the first attempt on driving test is between 15 to 25. It is said that the faster learning students take around 15 driving lessons before going for their driving test in Singapore while the slower learners take about 25 lessons before taking the Singapore driving lessons. With these figures, many learner drivers attempt to benchmark their driving lessons and take the driving test after being in this range.

I think that logically, this is not a very smart move. Only you will be able to know how well you have been progressing through your driving lessons. Only you will know whether your driving is up to standard. Only you will feel whether you are really confident to pass the driving test. Hence, you should just take as many driving lessons as possible without caring about this Singapore average figure at all. If you are a really smart person and take say 10 lessons to learn all the driving techniques and feel really confident about passing the driving test, then go for it. If you are a really slow learner driver and have to take beyond 25 lessons to recap on your driving knowledge and skills, go for it. There is no point following the average on this, which can be a huge mistake.

If you are smart and can actually take fewer driving lessons than you did, then you would have wasted money for the additional driving lessons that you took. If you are a slow learner and need more driving lessons but you took less than required, you would most probably failed your traffic police driving test and will have to retake the driving test, forking up more money to book the driving test and an additional waiting time of 2 months. The latter is a much more expensive mistake.

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