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How to find a Singapore private driving instructor?

As mentioned in my previous 2 posts, that taking lessons from a private driving instructor is a good idea, and that you should take driving lessons only from them, and I also mentioned that you could try out agencies such as SGLEARNTODRIVE to get your best Singapore private driving instructors as your teacher.

This is because all top driving instructors in Singapore are all very busy due to their natural popularity. Hence, only match up agencies such as SGLEARNTODRIVE can help you find a slot with these top private driving instructors because they are usually given a lot of priority when it comes to the driving instructors they work with.

But anyway, here are several ways in which you can find your eventual private driving instructor in Singapore.

1) You can always search for a matching agency such as SGLEARNTODRIVE and they will do all the work and matching up for you.

2) You can ask your friends for referrals. Here is an important point: Only ask friends who have passed their driving test on their first try to refer you their private driving instructors. You do not want people who have constantly failed to pass you their contacts. What is the point of learning from a bad instructor and waste your time doing so? Only get the best teachers to give you driving lessons in Singapore or you would experience a lot of wasted time and money.

3) You could also simply go down to the waiting areas of these private driving instructors in Singapore. They usually park their cars at particular places and wait for their students. (Instructors wait at Admiralty for Woodlands, wait outside CDC for Ubi and wait at the Bukit Gombak for Bukit Batok students). You can simply walk up to them and ask them for lessons.

Out of the above mentioned 3 methods, I only recommend you the first method. This is because method 3 is dangerous in that you may be unlucky and bump into a bad instructor without even knowing or expecting it. For number 2, it is good, but keep in mind that especially for students with special requests such only wanting a private driving instructor who speaks a particular language, then it would be difficult to source for an instructor that way.

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  1. Jessica Lui

    Hi! I have read your post and contacted sglearntodrive to match up a private driving instructor for me. I’m totally satisfied with the instructor and would like to thank you for your recommendation!


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